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Rwanda the land of thousand hills is  a landlocked country located in Central  Africa geographically and East Africa located  a few degrees south of the equator, sitting over 3000 ft above sea level and is also in the African great lakes.

Due to its high elevation, the country is mainly dominated by numerous  features like: mountains, Rivers, lakes, plains, forests and swamps, but also blessed with temperate climate   having  two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.

Although Rwanda is small, it is blessed by the beautiful landscapes, with Lake Kivu being the largest lake having a maximum depth of 1575ft.However, there are also other Lakes such as Burera, Ruhondo, Muhazi, Rwera and Ihema. Besides the Largest Lake, River Nyabarongo is also the longest river in Rwanda which rises in the south West, and merges with the Ruvubu in the Southeast forming River Kagera.

The features in Rwanda offers the best attractions such as the; Golden monkeys, gorillas, and the chimps, not forgetting the other wildlife in the Jungle like; zebras, Lions, Elephants, buffaloes among others. The activities such as: gamedrives;hiking the volcanoes( most especially the Dian Fosssey’s graveyard ,Muhabura, Bisoke);Boat cruise; Bird watching and Trekking which is at the climax in Rwanda tourism industry.

The destinations within Rwanda offer memorable experiences to all the tourists and these include, the Genocide memorial sites in Kigali, musanze caves, volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park , and  Akagera  which provide the spectacular views of every activity one requires.


Rwanda is always best visited during the drier season for a perfect holiday safari and gorilla trekking  which ranks first  amongst all the trips in the country, but one is able to  visit  at any time depending on the activity and the reason for your travel. For those who opt to  trek always prefer to travel within the short  dry season which runs from mid-December to early February and those who  require privacy or other reasons like overcrowding during the dry season will opt for low seasons. However for activities like tracking the chimps from Nyungwe national park will always require the low seasons since it’s when there is plenty of food  and the apes are easy to locate.

Our esteemed tourists have always been catered for when it comes to accommodation facilities, because we have always booked and made reservations in various hotels/lodges depending on their interests. The accommodation facilities are classified in to three: Budget, mid-range and luxury, which works on individual basis and families as a whole.

There is no reason for our visitors to stress so much with the transportation facilities to your hotels/lodges because we offer; car rentals/hire for those who would prefer to drive to their own destinations (at pocket friendly prices), and for the others who need drivers or guides,  will always be availed with well skilled guides who will  be able to pick them from their airport to their final destinations.

Top destinations

Have memorable experiences by visiting various destinations such as the: National parks,  Museums, caves etc. in Rwanda as you enjoy the numerous activities that is worth your visit.

Volcanoes National Park

Explore  the distinct Rwanda experiences, dramatic landscape and the thrilling activities to be enjoyed in your trip

Nyungwe National Park

Experience the exceptional activity of tracking chimpanzees as well as encontering the numerous and exciting wildlife

A kagera National Park

Enjoy the remarkable and exciting views  of the thriving topography not forgetting the game drives

Lake Kivu

Are you a vivid birder? Enjoy  your bird watching experience to the fullest in the albertine rift  consisting of the steep jugged heels leading to the three resort towns …

Genocide Memorial Sites

Find out the reason behind the thousands of skulls in the sites as you encounter the mass graves  which also commemorates the 1994 genocide

Musanze caves

As you plan your trip, don’t forget about the most exciting  adventurous moments in the caves located scenically at the foot of the Volcanoes National Park

Safari Packages

These safaris offer tours and travels, suitable for  those seeking and searching  for an exclusively: high enlightening and enjoyable eco-tourism experience , but also offering quality  control, ensuring that our services are maintained at higher standards in form of, Organized  itineraries as you enjoy the thrilling safaris such as: Gorilla  tracking and trekking safaris in Rwanda, tailor made cultural tours, and  wildlife safaris in Uganda,  and others, accompanied by the finest accommodations that have been sorted out in the cities and out of the bushes

5 days Uganda safaris

Have a great time in this premium safari package as you engage in the  beautiful adventure activities and sightings without a doubt.

6 days gorilla trekking Rwanda

Enjoy the great opportunity of either: double gorilla trekking, or hiking the Dian Fossey’s graveyard, or tracking the chimps and golden monkeys .

14 days Uganda-Rwanda tour

Encounter the rare species of the mountain gorillas  and the chimps in their different habitats while in your holiday safari adventure.