Welcome to Rwanda Travelers Guide

Although Rwanda seems  to be a small land locked country,you can not easily get bored once you  visit  .Right from  your drop in the country, you will be amazed by the stunning cleanliness of the environment because there is not a single garbage on the streets.It has also staged itself as an upmarket country because of the developed infrastructures that is found amazing as well as upgrading its lodges/hotels and the road network.

Due to the country’s uniqueness,there are a lot of things to do  in Rwanda,despite the fact that trekking gorillas ranks highest, but for the primate junkies, there is a lot more and I would implore you to do activities such as chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe National Park,Hiking the volcanoes, Golden monkeys and other primates’ tracking, not forgetting the animals you see while on a game drive at Akagera national park.

Top things to do in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking

trekking gorillas
gorilla trekking

Mountain Gorillas are the top most attraction in Rwanda.It has 10 habituated families/groups found on the slope of the virunga mountain.People  visit Rwanda to with the aim of tracking and trekking gorillas once or twice just in case they want to see more than one group in order to make aremarkable and memorable experience.

Normally it always takes  2 hrs drive from kigali to Volcanoes national park( Ruhengeri)


Chimp Tracking

chimps at nyungweMove through the terrains of the thick  afro montane rain forest and track the most exciting  chimpanzees whose trekking experience  is much different from  that of gorillas,ie on your encounter , the chimps will be running around the canopies,they may be  running after a catch or playing.Chances are also high that you may encounter a several groups of monkeys which makes this activity a unique activity.



Golden Monkey tracking

Experience the most rare and delightful experience with these beautiful creatures within the bamboo vegetation at the base of volcanoes national park.The golden monkeys are now reffered to as endangered  and its comprised  of two habituated groups  totaling to about 80 monkeys that are ready to be trekked by visitors.



Hiking Volcanoes

One can easily plan a trip to Rwanda and only rotate within virunga  volcanoes,such as Sabyinyo,gahinga, and muhabura, Nyiragongo, karisimbi and others.

You can also feel the natural wonders of Volcanoes National park by hiking ,climbing the volcanoes ,and also take out some activities such as nature walks to the ancient Musanze caves at the foot of volcanoes National park,birding, among others


Game drives

visit Rwandas one and only Savannah grassland park-Akagera National Park, the stunningly beautiful site where you will have the opportunity to do both night and day game drive. Besides this, you can also do other additional activities like; nature walks, fishing, birding, and village visits so as to bring out the true African feel of the Savannah scenery