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Nyungwe National park is a home for 13 species of primates, that is approximately 25% of the the species in the African continent.This remarkable number in East Africa is compared to that of Kibale National Park only.

The squealing sound and the scent within the thick forest makes one to just bump into a group of chimpanzees which really becomes so interesting when watching their normal life activity of leaping from one branch to another,others will be building their nests from the tree leaves on tree tops while others play and groom each other,therefore their lifestyle is more of human.

During the chimp tracking, sighting these chimps is quite challenging that one has a chance of 70% to spot them. The Guide establishes the chimp whereabouts through chimp calls, eating signs,nesting sites as you patiently and expectantly wait because it is not a guarantee that you will see them.Therefore one can luckily find chimpanzees very early in the morning when they have just woken up,and before they start looking for food by leaping from one branch to another.

Nyungwe national Park is inhabited by over 450 chimpanzees,out of which two groups have been habituated and nurtured to relate to human beings are now open to guests to have great and memorable experience with them. Apart from the wild chimps,one habituated group is in chamdungo and the other in Uwinka(mayebe). Another group has been habituated to improve the activities of the park but it is still in its early stages.

The best time to visit is between June to August, since it is a good season whereby fruits from the fig trees are in abundance, therefore one can easily sight them from the trees as they eat the fruits.

This is an exciting tracking though it is challenging,one is able to meet various species of monkey like the Grey cheeked mangabeys, olive baboons, and Red tailed vervets.