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A number of people who always come to Rwanda aim at Gorillas and forget the marvelous and precious chimpanzees,primates, birds, and the beautiful nature of the tropical forest and plants of Nyungwe National Park.For a hiker who partakes in this activity experiences the great power outdoor adventure of An Africa’s Afro montane forest ;the 13 species of primates,orchids,butterflies, and birds thus making it a paradise.

One can easily take a week while in this place, because of the hikes that take about 4 hours to 3days and are also 130 kilometers of hiking trails at Nyungwe National Park. Thirteen of the trails are:

Kamiranzovu Mash Trail;A bout 3 hours is taken to finish because of its length of 6km(moderately difficult).Always expect to find the orchids during the Rainy seasons( April and May, and October to November). It is alarge swamp that forms an important watershed, and is also found in the Caldera like Depression.The trail is good for swamp related birds like the Grauer’s Rush Warber and is highly rich in botany.

BIgugu Trail. This is sometimes steep and slippery and requires much courage and patience to hike this trail. It covers alength of 7km taking about 6 hour to finish hence slightly difficult to hike through.This trail tends towards the peak of Mountain Bigugu at aheight of 2950 of its elevation. One should be fit and gather apply more effort in order through this trail as he/she enjoys the beauty of the precious wild flowers including the orchids and the giant lobelias not forgetting the red Collared mountain Babbler,however it is also an excellent rail for the birders.

Ngabwe Trail. Stretches a length of 4.7km and takes 3hours to complete this moderately difficult trail. Although the trail is a short one,the much vegetation zones encounter along the trail and the extra extension of the Kitabi tea plantation, shift ones period to 8 hours,therefore one is required to carry enrout lunch.You view Mangabeys, Colobus monkeys, Chimpanzees, and L’Hoest silver monkeys.

ISumo water Trail; As its length is 10.6km,It take 4 hours to complete this famous trail. Since it is ranked among the exciting trails in the Nyungwe National Park,expect to first enjoy the tea plantation, then through patches of trees as you view many species of monkeys, and towards the waterfall, you will see the Ruwenzori Turaco Bird as you move through the Tree ferns that are quite astonishing to look.

Karamba Birding Trail; It is one of the easiest trails in Nyungwe National park which spans 4km long.Much of its hikes and area is flat which becomes easy when it comes to walks.It was first a gold minning area,then later turned to aquarry for road building materials and finally to an army camp,Since it is least muddy,one can be able to view orchids,Dent’s monkeys that are rare to find, as well as giant tree ferns.

Igishigishigi Trail;This has always been considered to be an amazing trail and it is amust do to all the guests in the park because of it famous feature attraction from the Uwinka reception area including a canopy forest walkway.It spans 2.4km and takes a maximum of 1.5hours to complete with canopy walks inclusive.Be ready to Passover the top of the trees as you see primates,butterflies, various species of birds, and many others in their respective habitats.

Source of the Rivernile Trail;Since the source of the Nile was found to be in Rwanda,Uganda,and Burundi. The Rwanda Source was discovered by the Rise to the Nile Adventiure in 2006 where they determined that the Rukarara River Headwaters was the source of the Nile. since this trail takes about 1 and1/2 hours to complete , it is relatively a hike to Rwanda source although most Ugandans don’t agree.

ImbaragaTrail; This is yet another trail with moderate difficulty, taken from Uwinka reception center, spanning alength of 10km. This trail hike can take about 6 hours to complete.It has also been   revealed that the name Imbaraga means “strength” which is a direct indication of how the trail is quite difficult but rewarding after the struggle, since one is able to go over four water falls.

Irebero trail;This trail takes you around the loop of the two highest peaks on Nyungwe National Park. The features are worth the hike although it takes 3 hours to finish/complete. This trail was designed to provide you with the beautiful view of the high altitude and make it possible for you to view the borders of Rwanda and Lake Kivu.Irebero is 3,4 km and its scenic views just gives the right meaning of its name as “view point”

Umugote trail;This trail gives you the beautiful view of the mountains of Burundi and it was named after the Syzygium tree found along the trail with a span of 3.6km, taking about 3 hours to finish.The hike rises up the sides of the mountain and provides the scenic view of the pristine part of the forest and also through the valleys and view the forests.’ Rich bio diversity.

Umuyove trail; This trail is about 5.5 km and take about 3.5 hour to complete the hike although it is quite difficult;It is also the most popular hike in the park.Not only is the trail relatively short but is also filled with beautiful views of water falls, orchids,primates,birds and wild flowers.Umuyove means”Mahogany” and the line of mahogany trees along the trail makes it more enjoyable to hike.

The Rukuzi trail;This takes about 5 hours to hike and spans 9km. The main reason as to why the guests prefer to hike this trail are the chimpanzees, although in their absence, the trail takes in the stunning vistas for the hikers to view along the way.This is also considered to be quite difficult.

Muzimu Trail; It takes about 3.5 hrs to complete this trail and it is 5.2km but also remote and moderately difficult. Although it passes through Heath like-vegetation and vegetation.It has a lot of wild flowers and non forest birds and also have 360 degrees view of the park and lake Kivu on your way.on a clear day , one can easily see the mighty virunga volcanoes that seem to tower over Rwanda.

The Congo Nile Divide Trail:This trail along the ridge of the forest that separates the river basin that flow into the Nile and the other side othe ridge to the river basin in congo and it is 42km long taking about 3 to 4 days trail. It is meant for those who have hiking experience and are ready to camp in the forest as the they take their 42 kilometres trek through the ridge. This can be ones’ most memorable hike within Nyungwe.

Nb.this is the longest hiking trail in nyungwe National Park and remember not to confuse this with the popular congo Nile trail tha runs alongside Lake Kivu in western Uganda .