Welcome to Rwanda Travelers Guide
This is the largest capital city in Rwanda. It is near the nation’s geographic center and is the country’s economic, cultural and transport hub since it achieved its independence. Like other cities, Kigali has highly improved in its development in infrastructure like the construction of an international airports  among others, and most visitors who go to Rwanda always appreciate their trips. You can get to Kigali Through the following ways;
By Air
By Air All international flights arrive at Kigali International Airport, just 10 Km from Kigali city center. International flights that operate to Kigali are Rwanda Air, Sn Brussels, Qatar airways, KLM, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Air Uganda.
Taxi-bus can be found all over the country. They get you from city to city for a very low (fixed) price. Usually there’s no negotiation over the prices. You might want to check with the other passengers what they are paying. Paying happens inside the bus once he’s driving. Taxi-busses are easy to recognize. They are white and sometimes marked with funny names or sportswear logo’s. One great disadvantage: these busses only stop when they are complete. And complete means about 20 persons (in a van of max 14 persons). No fixed hours, and if the drivers call it a day you may still be on the spot where you wanted to leave. You can however pay for two seats, you’ll be more comfortable and he’ll leave a little earlier.