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Virunga hotel-volcanoes

This was the very first hotel to be established in the virunga chain hotels and is situated in Musanze district  in the Northern province of the  country.This hotel is 25 km from the Rwandan border and is 85 km from the Kigali Airport.

It takes only  15 minutes from this finest three star accommodation facility to the the Volcanoes National park-the home of the internationally renowned mountain Gorillas.The hotel contains free internet access, 25 rooms in which each room  is self contained with a flat screen satellite TV, refrigerator  in which the guests keep their  drinks/refreshment and the visitor can have  quick access to the facilities in town since the hotel  has a vibrant business center due to its location in the center of the town.

Virunga hotel offers five different types rooms such as; single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, executive rooms,  suite rooms and family rooms. All these types of rooms have the  amenities provided to make them feel comfortable and relaxed namely except the executive rooms, suite,and family rooms.The official check in time is three pm and check out time is 10:00am.

NB.The amenities include ;kitchen, Wi-Fi, television, bathroom, work space,minibar,shower, towels, and air conditions among others.