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This central African country is blessed with the most revered natural beauty,breath taking vistas,wondrous wild life, and the most verdant greenery, which don’t leave you disappointed.When  we talk about the best tourism destinations, Rwanda now becomes a beacon of hope in East Africa because of its natural heritage sites.

Below are some  descriptions of these sites ;

Volcanoes National park

volcanoes National Park

This park is found in a small village in Ruhengeri .Its famous for its  amazing Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys as well as the vast number of bird species.On the other hand Volcanoes national park features activities Such as; Gorilla trekking,golden monkey tracking,hiking Dian Fossey tomb or Bisoke.This Incredible Adventure  is cushioned with information about the permits,Gorilla groups, what to where, accommodations and the best time to visit…..

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park
Nyungwe National Park

Visit the prominent and largest tropical Afro montane  Rain forest filled with  stunning Natural beauty and wildlife.It is the most important site for bio-diversity, probably the most preserved forest.The park is agood site for chimpanzee tracking,Golden monkey tracking -where you encounter differernt  monkey species (the grey cheeked mangabeys and Ruwenzori colobus) , canopy walks and hikes( which is about 50m from the ground), and birding continue

A kagera National Park

zebras at Akagera
Akagera National Park

Enjoy your perfect safari in Rwanda by visiting A kagera National park-alndfilled with open savanah plains, hills and  the lake is filled with croccodiles,hippos.The  exceptional game drive experience leads  you to the Zebras,Antelopes,Elephants, giraffes, buffaloes , Topis, Ellands encounter ,deffasa waterbucks, the klipspringer and also the lions.The park is also filled with over 520 bird species whereby about 100 cannot be found in any other destinatios which includes;

Lake Kivu

lake kivu
Lake Kivu

Relax and chill along the shores of Rwanda’s mos t scenic lake.It is the best place to bring out your safari to a memorable end, after trekking gorillas,hiking the volcanoes, or even tracking the chimps at Nyungwe.

The lake has the best temperature which makes it unique from other lakes because you can easily swim(since there are no croccodiles , hippos and Bilhaziah).You can also enjoy the splendid views of the lake,tropical sun, the islands and so much more.learn more

Genocide memorial site


Genocide Memorial site

The genocide memorial  sites consists of about 8 sites where we reflect the memories of over 250000 lives.This was after the civil war between the Hutus and Tutsi.

The genocide memorial site offers guided tours of exhibitions ,gardens and was created  to commemorate the loss of lives that happened for about 100 days.